Insane pegasus bent on the destruction of Friendship.


Name: Gethsemane
Race: Pegasus
Rank: Novice

Agility: D10
Smarts: D4
Spirit: D6
Strength: D8
Vigor: D4

Dodge(Agility): D8
Fighting(Strength): D8
Courage(Spirit): D6
Swagger(Strength): D8
Nature(Spirit): D6
Prowl(Agility): D6

Pace: 6
Flying Pace: 12
Evade: 6 + 1 = 7
Charisma: 0
Toughness: 4
Willpower: 5
Wealth: Spending Money
Fatigue: 0
Sanity: 1

Lighthoof (+2 avoid hazards, +1 Evade)

Delusion (Major) (Permanent -1 Sanity)
Quirk (Minor) (-1 charisma when people notice he’s staring through them)
Mean (Minor) (-1 charisma in Contests of Will and other social situations)



A pegasus of unusual stature, Gethsemane is tall and strong, with pale golden hair and a matching set of mane and tail: both are long and strikingly white.

Gethsemane was unusual as a colt, at least for a pegasus; while his siblings and classmates were busy speeding around the sky, Gethsemane found himself fascinated with the land below, and the plant life there. Of course, acting like an Earth Pony won’t earn a young pegasus any friends, but in spite of his parents’ concerns, Gethsemane continued to make trips to the surface, first enjoying, then studying, and finally trying his hand at cultivating trees and flowers. He was a natural, but several particularly traumatizing incidents with other scornful pegasi left him reserved, shivering, and friendless.

This was where his problems began.

Several months passed during which Gethsemane withdrew from others, avoiding confrontation and friendly gestures alike, and spent his time increasingly on the ground rather than in the sky. Months without friendship took its toll; he began to talk to his plants, which helped them grow, which only served to make things worse. At his very worst, he thought of his plants as friends more than, well, plants.

It was only through intervention by his parents and a few friends that he was pulled back into the social world, and their acceptance of his decision to become a gardener allowed him to, at last, acquire his mark: a sturdy, wide-reaching tree, bearing a single, shiny red apple.

He never fully recovered from his months of self-imposed solitude; he swore never to be afraid of anypony ever again, and never to be ashamed of his choices. But still, other ponies found it difficult to connect with him. He was strange— he would, with his dark grey, nearly black eyes, seem to stare through them while they were talking, and frequently made remarks that came off as flippant or even cruel.

Soon enough, he found himself working as groundskeeper and caretaker in the royal gardens outside Canterlot, where his incredible talent for making things grow, coupled with his ability to draw down rain clouds— unusual in his profession, which consisted primarily of Earth ponies— made him a natural choice for the position. The gardens bloomed beautifully under his care, but he threw himself so whole-heartedly into his work that he had little time for friendship, and any friends he had simply found themselves naturally drifting away. He didn’t bother making new ones.

His sanity began to slip again, in his once more self-imposed isolation, but it did not truly snap until the moon rose into the sky and refused to descend. Fearing for his plants, which could not survive without sunlight, Gethsemane prepared to go and seek audience with Luna.

Then the sun joined the moon in the sky, and day and night became synonymous. In confusion, many of the fickle, high-maintenance plants of Equestria began to wither; in spite of his frantic efforts to save them, Gethsemane’s garden rapidly began to die. In a state of shock and horror, he fled into Everfree Forest, to hide among the sturdy and unusual plants that grew themselves and resisted death.

And there, in a glade, he had a revelation. No true goddess could so disrespect the world— visions flooded his fractured mind of a Great Maker, and this Maker saw what the heretical goddesses were doing to His creation, and He wept. He called upon His chosen, standing in the pouring rain, as the weather erupted into chaos while day and night fought to control the sky, to smite down these heretics, Celestia and Luna, who claimed rightful rule over His domain, and to smite all magic, to prevent the cataclysm from repeating itself ever again.

Thus did Gethsemane become a crusader against Friendship and all those who extorted its virtues.


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