Tal-Vashoth ex-bandit leader, fled from mutiny, seeking new life and sanctuary in Ferelden.


Title: Saar
Background: Tal-Vashoth (Kossith)
Class: Warrior
Level: 4


Communication: 2
Constitution: 4
Cunning: 3
Dexterity: 3
Magic: 0
Perception: 1
Strength: 5
Willpower: 2

Foci: Strength(Intimidation)
Cunning (Military Lore)
Strength (Axes)
Willpower (Courage)
Strength (Might)

HP: 36
AR: 4 (0)
Speed: 8
Defense: 12

Weapons: Brawling
Heavy Blades
Light Blades

Talents: Armor Training (Journeyman)
Two-Hander Style (Novice)
Throwing Style (Novice)

Traveler’s Garb
Light Plate Armor (AR 4, -0)
Two-Handed Axe (3d6 5] damage)
5 Throwing Axes (1d6
2 5] damage)
Bandit Knife (1d6 [
3] damage)
Long Bow (1d6+3 1] damage)
Bastard Sword (2d6
1 5] damage)
Light Steel Gauntlet (1d3
1 5] damage)
Arrows (20)
Flask (metal)
Flint and Steel
Small Tent
Rope (20 yd)
Oil (3 pt)
Spikes (10)
Pouch (belt)
Saar’s sawed-off horns (1d6
1 [+5] improvised weapons)

GP: 0
SP: 0
CP: 22


Saar was once called Taarbas, or frequently, Vashedan. Dissatisfied with the place he had been given in the Qun, Taarbas rose up against his superiors in outrage— for he longed to battle, not to clean up when the battle was done. He was swiftly shown his place, but soon after returned from the battlefield and struck down his commanding officers, then fled the Qunari army. He descended into forest and shadow; murdered and stole for his meals, lashing out at any targets to whom he could assign responsibility, or whose death would be properly interpreted as protest against the Qun’s draconian caste system. He took the new title of Saar, taking his new name from the warrants for his capture, and developed a particular signature— he would kill a wealthy, high-ranking Qunari with one of his own sawed-off horns, then cleanly remove his victim’s horns as well, to be kept as a trophy.

Tal-Vashoth must find strength in numbers and unity to survive in Qunari lands, and so, with his considerable strength and notoriety, Saar drew together a band of ruthless Tal-Vashoth bandits, all thirsty for revenge against the Qun they had betrayed, and which, they felt, had betrayed them. Saar was not, however, an effective leader. Brutal in battle, but indecisive and moody, he found he had little interest in actually leading, but clung desperately to power, because his life in the Qun had afforded him no power to which he could cling. His poor leadership led to several ambushes and deaths, and after some time, his own men turned on him, running him out of the lair they had developed for themselves, leaving him injured. A long and painful journey on an injured leg brought him out of Qunari land and onto a ship, which he took as far as Ferelden on the few pieces of gold and pouch of silver he had managed to escape with.

With a clear bounty and not a soul who would recognize his face, the Tal-Vashoth, recovered from his injuries, but nearly penniless, seeks refuge and sanctuary in Ferelden, intent on turning over a new leaf. He remains ever aware that his past could catch him, and he will want friends and a good reputation if it does.


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